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Welcome to The Faces of  Jeep. Our inspiration for this site came from the powerful advertising statement of Jeep, “We don’t make Jeep, You do.” Our focus is to prove this true by celebrating all the wonderful faces of Jeep around the world. We want to share your stories, photos and connect enthusiasts and Jeep clubs abroad. Here is our disclosure statement, “We will publish your stories, comments and photos with your permission. We will copy and paste it in it’s entirety except for doing a spell check if necessary. You are given full credit for your submissions. We are not receiving any monetary gain in publishing your content/photos at this point and time. Our desire and passion is to celebrate Jeepers, their passion and all models of Jeep.” Natasha Kokkinis & Zach Durk

“Jeep is more then just a name or a brand. It’s a lifestyle, a brotherhood/sisterhood. It’s a unity bonding an entire community of Jeep enthusiasts worldwide. Jeep is not limited by race, colour, country, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Jeep is for everyone. Us the Jeepers are The Faces of Jeep.”

“Why a Jeep? Jeep offers the freedom of individuality in expressing ones self. Our Jeeps are an extension of ourselves. Jeeps offer a venue of creativity to build our own look and style. I’ve heard many refer to them as Lego for adults, you never stop building. Jeeps even take on their own personalities with their proud owners giving them names. Jeep owners or “Jeepers” are always in search for the newest modifications and accessories to add the wow factor to our rigs. We love to talk about our Jeeps, go off-roading in our Jeeps, take selfies with our Jeeps, cruise around top down and doors off in our Jeeps and of course ,Jeep wave other Jeeps.”

“My passion for Jeeps started at 16, something about riding topless, the jeep not me..lol, wind in my hair with the freedom to go anywhere intrigued me. It wasn’t till later in life when I was established that I could afford this wonderful gift. I bought “Lucy” a 2012 crush orange Sahara Unlimited Wrangler for my 41st birthday in 2015. I named her after the talented Lucille Ball, because of her class, timeless beauty and of course her unique orange colour hair. Lucy has been by far my greatest adventure to date and the best investment I’ve given myself. Lucy is complete freedom with no judgment. She doesn’t care that I don’t have make-up on or that my hair is messy, “Jeep hair don’t care”. She’s happy I jumped in and turned the key, as that’s when the adventure begins. As said by J.R.R. Tolkien “Not all who wander are lost.”

My son Zach Durk has been a big contributor and supporter in sharing the family Jeep passion.


Natasha Kokkinis



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