Josh Pray-A Jeeper In The Making

The Faces of Jeep interview with

Comedian Josh Pray


FOJ-[Natasha]: Since the first Jeep video you posted, what has the reaction been like?

Josh: “Absolutely amazing. The embrace from the community is not only inviting but encouraging. I’m happy I came!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How would you describe your dream Jeep?

Josh: “Tall, orange and blue great for mudding!

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How soon will it be before we see you on the highway?”

Josh: “T minus 3 months.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What inspired you to bring Jeep into your comedic routine?

Josh: “I have received 543 messages telling me to praise jeeps. I’m not saying you all aren’t persistent but…lol”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Have you met any Jeep enthusiasts yet?”

Josh: “You have no clue”

FOJ-[Natasha]: ‘What Jeep events would you like to attend and will you be attending Jeep Beach in Daytona Florida this April 2019?”

Josh: “I’m actually gonna be at Jeep beach the 26-28 and I’m so excited! And I would love to be apart of the Jeep event in Utah and Tennessee!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Have you considered any modifications to personalize your Jeep?”

Josh: “Don’t have a Jeep yet.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Have you thought about a name for your Jeep? As many enthusiasts in our community name their Jeeps.”

Josh: “Obama Trump.. haha”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Are you considering a latest model or classic Jeep? Do you prefer manual or automatic? 2 door or 4 door?”

Josh: “I need the new being that I’m a newbie. I’d like manual (real Jeep folks drive manual) and for doeeee.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Have you received any advice about the model your considering?”

Josh: “Everyday about 20-30 people tell me what I need so I know when the day comes I shall be ready!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “When you finally get your Jeep and have the top down and doors off, what music would you be rockin out to?”

Josh: “Tevin Campbell- can we talk”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What is your opinion of the Jeep wave?”

Josh: “I think it should be the Jeep grip, all fingers should remain on the wheel.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: ” Thank you Josh for taking the time to let us interview you. We wish you a great 2019 with your comedy career and will keep an eye out for you on the roads. Make sure to send us photos of your first Jeep so we can feature on our Facebook page.

Photo from Josh Pray, Questions asked by FOJ-Natasha Kokkinis & Answers from Josh Pray

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