JKU Inked Girl

The Faces of Jeep interview with Jordan Gregory

JKU Inked Girl promotional model for Big Snatch Offroad


FOJ-[Natasha]: “Why did you choose Jeep?”

Jordan: “I’ve been around Jeeps quite a few years now, my dad builds them. He has a built from the ground up XJ, and I have multiple family members who off-road and own Jeeps and other off-roading vehicles. I have always enjoyed the off-roading atmosphere. I have met some of the kindest people off-roading. I knew one day I wanted to own a Jeep but knew I could never afford the luxury of one. I set myself a goal, got myself out of a debt and bought my first Jeep in 2015 and never felt happier. It was the biggest but greatest purchase of my entire life; and owning a Jeep has truly changed my life!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How long have you been wheeling?”

Jordan: “I have been wheeling on my own since 2015 behind the wheel per say. I’ve known how to off-road since years ago though from family and friends. My dad taught me a lot about wheeling. I learned from him. How to drive, how to trail ride, which lines to take when trail riding and rock crawling and all the ins and outs of the Jeep world.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How many Jeeps have you owned?”

Jordan: “I have owned two as of now. My first Jeep I ever bought: a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport which was sadly totalled just less than 5 months ago due to a rear end incident putting me in the hospital…that Jeep saved my life! I’ll say it a million times. I’ll never own another vehicle after that accident I had, but I just recently bought a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon which I am in love with. I’ll always love my first Jeep I ever bought though.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What upgrades have you done, and which companies would you suggest to others?”

Jordan: “On my new 2018 Rubicon it actually was just recently finished being built and it’s been a work in progress! It was a very stressful 5 months to get this new Rubicon built in time for event season but I couldn’t be happier with the process.

Build Specs:

“JKS 3.5” JSPEC suspension lift: Front and rear Dual Rate Coil Springs, JKS Front Adjustable Track Bar, JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects, JKS J-Link Front lower Control Arms, JKS JAXIS front upper control arms, JKS JLINK lower rear control arms, JKS JFLEX upper rear control arms, Front Track Bar Relocation Bracket * Support Gusset, Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket & Support Brace, JKS Drag Link Flip Kit, Front and Rear Brake Line Relocation, Front and Rear Bump Stop Extensions, Fox 2.0 adventure series Steering Stabilizer, JKS rear adjustable track bar with weld on support bracket, Adams Driveshafts 1310 front and rear, Fusion 4×4 2.5 ton heavy duty tie rod and drag link kit, Fox 2.0 performance series reservoir shocks front and rear, Big Snatch Offroad front stubby bumper with stinger, Big Snatch Offroad rear high clearance stubby bumper, Steinjager D Rings, Smittybilt XRC 9500# winch, Bartact winch cover, grab handles, visor covers, Poison Spyder body mounted rear tire carrier with mounted Hi Lift jack, Toxic Offroad 18” gloss black milled arsenal beadlock wheels, Nitro Tire 37” Trail Grapplers, Fish bone Offroad front and rear inner fenders, Smittybilt slim fenders front and rear, Poison Spyder rock guards, Rugged Ridge hood latches, Magnaflow Dual exhaust kit, Mopar tow hitch with Jeep tow plug, Stubby antenna, Alpine premium sound system, Black Alien Sunshade

Toxic Offroad is one of the companies I would fully recommend to anybody looking for new wheels. Customer service is GREAT and the prices are so affordable. Bartact is hands down the best off-road accessory company in the business. Adams Driveshaft is not only American made but the customer service goes above and beyond for anything and everything customers need.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Where is your favorite places to wheel and what kind of wheeling do you prefer best?”

Jordan: “I go to Disney, Oklahoma a lot which is close to home here in the Midwest and it’s one of the best places to wheel. Camping out at Hogan’s Offroad Park gains you full access to the entire off-road area there in Disney. Rocks, mud, trails. It’s got everything! I prefer trail riding. It’s a lot of fun with large groups!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What tips would you suggest to a new Jeeper?”

Jordan: “Definitely “know your Jeep” before you do anything. Learn the ins and outs of everything you can on your Jeep before you start off-roading or even customizing your Jeep. It will help a lot in the long run, and learning the absolute basics is always helpful.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Tell us about one of your favorite Jeep adventure moments?”

Jordan: “I’d say Old Dominion Jeep Fest in Virginia is one of the best adventures I get to encounter. I travel down from Missouri and take a straight shot to ODJF in August each year to represent the shop I work for; Big Snatch Offroad. We host the event each year as it started two years ago. It’s one of the best events I have ever got to encounter. Trails, flex challenges, tons of vendors, great food, raffles, music, giveaways, show and shines… it’s an awesome event all around!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How has owning a Jeep influenced your life?”

Jordan: “I have learned a lot about Jeeping in the amount of time I have owned one. I have learned so much about building Jeeps and learning to drive them on and off-road. There’s never too much you can learn about Jeeping. I have met some of the nicest people who own Jeeps even just attending local Jeep events, and the amount of people I encounter on a daily basis who just are fascinated with the Jeep builds in general is amazing. I love getting to share my knowledge and experience with others that I encounter online and offline as well in the “real world” as you’d say.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Tell us about JKU Inked Girl and what inspired you to start modelling?”

Jordan: “Well, about 4 years ago I really started focusing on my social media presence. It took me months to come up with the name “JKU Inked Girl”; as of course JKU represents the 4 door Jeep I own, and I am covered in ink. I didn’t think it would stick but I came up with it, tried it out and it literally TOOK OFF. I have people from all over that I see who know the name and who I am. It’s so awesome! I started modelling when I was 17. Fashion shoots is what I focused on, then about 7 years ago I started focusing on more of what I loved. Tattoos. Which funny enough, I use to hate tattoos and swore I would never get them. Now I am covered. I’ve been featured in 7 magazines thus far and I don’t plan on stopping there! Being able to showcase my body and who I really am means the world to me, and I want nothing more than to inspire others, especially young women to love your body and love your self.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What is your favorite part about being a woman in the off-roading community?

Jordan: ‘It is VERY TOUGH being a woman in the off-road community. Especially in a case where I am the ONLY female who works the shop. I am the social media manager and promotional model for Big Snatch Offroad based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I got my job with the shop a little over 3 years ago from social media! What started out as a one time gig I traveled clear to Bantam Jeep Fest and worked my first event for the shop. It just went up from there and now I’m the face of the shop! It’s tough being a female in a male based atmosphere. Especially with the name.. “Big Snatch” Offroad. I get degraded and made fun of on a daily basis for working for a shop with that name. Most don’t even know the story behind the name. Snatch = snatch block used for off-roading, recovery, etc. then when people realize what the name actually means it “makes sense” to them. I take a lot of heat being in the position I am in but I have the nicest most sincere bosses I could ever have. They put a lot of trust into me to work hard and promote the shop when I can. I think my favorite thing is getting the opportunity to travel and work Jeep events throughout the Midwest and on the East Coast. I live for it! It’s so much fun, and I get to meet so many people and see so many new things. I never in my life thought I would get the opportunity to do any of this.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are some of your biggest accomplishments?”

Jordan: “My biggest accomplishments have been very hard. It took a lot of hard work and long hours to get to where I am today. Being nationally published multiple times; and getting myself out of debt have been the two biggest accomplishments of my life. I work more than the average human should but it’s all worth it knowing what I’ve achieved and how far I have come over the years.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are your future goals for yourself?”

Jordan: “I want to continue to work towards my tattoo publications in the modelling industry. To be published every year is a goal for me! This year has already been a busy one, but my goal is to open up my own online store that coordinates our Big Snatch Offroad apparel with tattoos and Jeeps..there’s nothing better! I want to see our shop succeed and expand. I’d also love to attend more events this year and the years coming.. Moab.. Jeep Beach…to be able to represent a shop that I strongly support at these events would be such a great experience! Thank you so much for this opportunity to interview with you guys. I am so honoured!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: ” Thank you Jordan for sharing your JKU Inked Girl journey with us. Keep up the great work. It’s always awesome to see strong woman in the off-road community. Wishing you and Big Snatch Offroad a great 2019 wheeling season.

Photo from Jordan Gregory, Questions asked by FOJ-Natasha Kokkinis & Answers from Jordan Gregory

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