The Faces of Jeep interview with Heather & Drew Hyman

Owners of Off-ROAD MAFIA LLC


FOJ-Natasha: “Why did you choose Jeep?”

Heather: “I had been a passenger in a Jeep a time or two but never really got into them until I met Drew. We bought our first Jeep together 13 years ago and my love for them has grown since then. The history behind the Jeep is so intriguing and every day I learn something new about them.”

Drew: “My second vehicle was a CJ-7 and I’ve owned 6 since then. It became a passion at an early age that I am currently able to enjoy as an adult.”

FOJ-Natasha: “How long have you both been wheeling?”

Heather: “Since I just recently bought my own Jeep, I have only been wheeling about 2 years. With the help of my husband and the guys in our club I’ve learned the tricks and trades of wheeling.”

Drew: “I started wheeling Jeeps around the age of 18 and I have been wheeling ever since.”

FOJ-Natasha: “What modifications have you done and which companies do you recommend?”

Heather: “My Jeep was completely stock when I bough it. I have done a Rusty’s 5” long arm lift, Rusty’s front and rear bumpers, Rusty’s sliders, Rusty’s flare delete kit, Rusty’s inner fenders, Rusty’s spare delete, exterior lighting, Bestop Trektop NX glide, Diabolical Slipstream XLS, Falken Wild Peak MT’s, TIS 540b wheels, HID Projectors, ORO taillights, Bartact seat covers, updated sound system, IDRIVE and slickrock Gear JK pockets. I would recommend any of these companies above.”

Drew: “I have added a Rusty’s 5” long arm lift kit, Rusty’s flare delete kit, ACE inner fenders aftermarket bumpers, Trail Dash 2 programmer, exterior lighting, TIS 540b wheels and Falken Wild Peak MT’s. I would recommend any of the ones listed above and we deal with many other great companies through the shop.”

FOJ-Natasha: “Where have you traveled and where is your favorite place to wheel?”

Heather & Drew: “We have recently been able to travel to Dallas Fort Worth Texas, Daytona Beach Florida, Panama City Beach Florida, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Sevierville Tennessee and Butler Pennsylvania for Jeep events and shows. Our favorite place to wheel is Coppinger Cove located in Tennessee.”

FOJ-Natasha: “What Jeep events have you attended and which ones are your favorite?”

Heather & Drew: “UOR in Texas, Jeep Beach in Daytona, Jeep Beach Jam in Myrtle Beach, Jeep Beach Jam in Panama City, Jeep Quest in Tennessee and Bantam Jeep Fest in Pennsylvania.”

Heather: “My favorite was Jeep Beach Jam in Myrtle beach because it was my first “real” show and I got to meet some really cool people.”

Drew: “My favorite is Jeep Beach in Daytona because all the vendors are there, lots of people, lots of events and it’s a very well run event.”

FOJ-Natasha: “Tell us about one of your most memorable Jeep adventure moments.”

Heather: “That would have to be the first time I wheeled by myself. Being out there with the guys tends to make me nervous and I was so worried I was going to do something wrong or mess up. Everyone on the trip was so helpful and they made me feel more comfortable and I actually ended up doing a good job at it.”

Drew: “That would have to be the first time I got to watch my wife, Heather, wheel. She rode with me so long, it was like taking the training wheels off and watching her go on her own.”

FOJ-Natasha: “How has Jeep influenced your life and what inspired you to open Off-Road Mafia LLC?”

Heather: “I have learned to become educated in my knowledge of Jeeps and have started to share that with the community of women that I have met. By becoming an ambassador of multiple companies, I have learned to step outside of my comfort zone and become more involved in the Jeep community.”

Drew: “Jeep has enabled me to make a career change from the construction field to the Jeep field in the last 5 years. By owning a company, I’m extremely involved in the community and I deal with some of the best people in this field. I opened Off-Road Mafia because of my love and passion for Jeeps. It started as a side business – Working on Jeeps in my driveway but I realized I could help so many people by opening my own business.”

FOJ-Natasha: “Can you tell us a little about Off-Road Mafia LLC, the services and products you offer?”

Drew: “We are a small, local business that offers full scale Jeep modifications. We offer everything from mild to wild – If you can imagine it, we can build it. We have relationships with over 80% of the Jeep marketplace.”

FOJ-Natasha: “With all the builds that you have done, which one is your favorite?”

Heather & Drew: “We have done so many different types of builds, it’s so hard to choose just one. Every build is different and personal and that’s what makes them so great.”

FOJ-Natasha: “What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur in the off-road community?”

Drew: “The people – The customers – The Jeepers – The owners – The guys on the road doing the shows. Everyone in the off-road community are good people.”

FOJ-Natasha: “What are some of your greatest accomplishments?”

Heather: “Stepping out of my box and realizing as a women, I can wheel a Jeep and I can reach and help the female Jeep community on my own. I may be a small minority of the Jeep community, but I have a big voice and I can make an impact.”

Drew: “I think accomplishments are the combination of positive and negative events that results in an end goal. I started and continue to run a successful Jeep and 4 x 4 shop. It was a dream of mine that became a reality.”

FOJ-Natasha: “What tips would you suggest to a new Jeeper?”

Heather & Drew: “Don’t wheel alone, do your research before buying parts or selecting a shop, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, always continue to expand your knowledge, go out and meet other Jeepers and remember why you bought the Jeep in the first place. Oh..and ALWAYS wave!”

FOJ-Natasha: “What are your future goals for yourselves and Off-Road Mafia LLC?”

Heather: “To continue to learn and put myself out there. I want to meet as many people in the Jeep community as I can. I would love to one day have a job in the Jeep industry. I will continue to support the business and help it grow in any way possible.”

Drew: “To travel to some new places with our Jeeps and our company, and to grow the company and become more involved in the Jeep industry.”

FOJ-Natasha: “Thank-you Heather & Drew for sharing your journey and passion for Jeeps with us. We enjoy following Off-Road Mafia LLC on social media, and look forward to watching you grow. Keep up the great work you are both doing in the Jeep community and we wish you a wonderful 2018 wheeling season.”

Photo from Heather & Drew Hyman, Questions asked by FOJ-Natasha Kokkinis & Answers from Heather & Drew Hyman

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  1. Drew & Heather are such wonderful people!!! They’re helpful in so many ways. I loved this article it shows what true & generous people they are & that they carry that over to their business. Wishing them all the success they deserve & can handle.
    Mike & Cathi Rodrigo

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  2. Great article!

    Drew and Heather are both great folks who are committed to providing quality products and services for their customers and the manufacturers they represent. They serve their local area and extended Jeep community.

    Thank you for all you do and best wishes for much success!



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