Pretty in Pink

The Faces of Jeep interview with Kiele Felker, Ambassador for Crawlher


FOJ-[Natasha]: “Why did you choose Jeep?”

Kiele: “A Jeep was a long time goal of mine. My friend from elementary school, who I am still close with now pointed them out to me. We both always said how cool they are, and how much we wanted them. I never thought I could make it a reality but one day something just clicked, and I was determined to own one.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How long have you been wheeling?”

Kiele: “I bought my Jeep in September of 2017. I haven’t had her long but I’ve learned so much more than I ever thought I could have.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What upgrades have you done, and which companies would you suggest to others?”

Kiele: “As far as upgrades go; I have Extreme Terrain HD front and rear bumpers, Teraflex 2.5 inch lift, Rough Country inner liners, Jeep People cropped fenders, Xprite 75 Cree LED Headlights, Xprite G2 LED tail lights, Rugged Ridge rear body armor, Rugged Ride big deflector, and Amazon Headlight Bezels and Grille Inserts. I would definitely recommend Teraflex to anyone who is looking for a lift.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Can you tell us about your sponsorship with BF Goodrich?”

Kiele: “I got my sponsorship with BF Goodrich through Crawlher, and I am attending a wheeling trip with them both June 8th & 9th in Texas, and I’m over the moon excited. It’s so hard to put into words when companies believe in you. I’m over the moon with excitement.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Where all have you traveled and what kind of wheeling do you prefer best?”

Kiele: “So far Michigan is my favorite place. Michigan has always been my love, so much I have a Michigan tattoo on my right shoulder. West side of Michigan, or East side you’ll find beautiful beaches along with friendly people. I think Michigan will always be my favorite place.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are some of your favorite Jeep events you have attended?”

Kiele: “I attended my first Wicked Jeeps SEMI meet a week ago and I had a blast. It took me a little bit to get out of my shell, but now that I am, I have three more events planned this month alone.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Tell us about one of your most memorable Jeep adventure moments?”

Kiele: “Honestly my best Jeep adventure was buying one. It was a rocky road, and along with my dad’s help in picking one out, and co-signing so I could afford it, I really owe it all to him.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How has owning a Jeep influenced your life?”

Kiele: “Jeeping has changed my life. I went through a period in my life that was the hardest I’ve been through yet, and for some reason owning a Jeep was calling to me. It was the best thing I could’ve ever done. I’ve met people who I never would’ve guessed. I have severe anxiety and when I first bought mine, the thought of even attending an event was out of the question. But I found girls who live less than 10 minutes away from me, and they broke me out of my shell. I’m so thankful for them, and now I have the confidence to attend Jeep meets and be able to talk about Jeeps in person.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Tell us about your ambassadorship with Crawlher?”

Kiele: “My ambassadorship with Crawlher has been such an amazing ride. I really owe all of my success to Brittanie and Tiffany. They found me when my Jeep was completely stock, only had a Crawlher banner and some stuff added from Amazon. They’ve taught me so much about the Jeep community and online business. If I ever need anything, I can reach out to them and they reply in minutes. They share so much wisdom between the both of them, and the fact that they are willing to share it is so selfless. Especially with someone like me, who was so brand new at the time. I can still remember telling my dad that I was offered to be an ambassador, he had no idea what that meant at the time, but he is so proud of me now. They’ve taught me that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of your build- YOUR build is YOUR build. They have really taken me under their wings and have showed me things I wouldn’t have ever known. They’ve given me some of the most amazing opportunities. And the most humbling thing of all; is that they believe in me. Knowing that someone believes in you, your build, and what you’re about is such an amazing feeling. I don’t think I will ever be able to put it into words, other than thank you. But I also don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them enough.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What is your favorite part about being a woman in the off-road community?”

Kiele: “I would say that it has to be the other women. I’ve never seen such a group of women willing to teach, give advice and overall support one another.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What tips would you suggest to a new Jeeper?”

Kiele: “Get out there. Don’t be afraid, and don’t let anything hold you back. You’ll regret it!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are some of your biggest accomplishments?”

Kiele: “Some of my biggest accomplishments is being able to say that I am a brand ambassador for Crawlher, and I now have 2 sponsors underneath my belt. I have 2 more in the works.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are your future goals for yourself?”

Kiele: “To get out there as much as I can. To work with as many brands as I can, whether that be sponsorships or just getting to work with them in general. I love the Jeep community and all of the things that come with it.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Thank you Kiele for sharing your Jeep journey with us. It’s so awesome hearing about women empowering women in the off-road community. Wishing you and the Crawlher family a wonderful 2018 wheeling season.”

Photo from Kiele Felker, Questions asked by FOJ-Natasha Kokkinis, Answers from Kiele Felker

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