Cross Country Jeepers

The Faces of Jeep interview with Michelle Lynn Babcock

Founder of Cross Country Jeepers

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Why did you choose Jeep?

Michelle: “I love the freedom, the challenges, and the uniqueness you can make them. I also enjoy the fact I can work on it myself and learn so much from it.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Where have you traveled and where is your favorite place to wheel?”

Michelle: “I have only done locally and Minden so far. I do have dreams to wheel at other places and hope to reach them some day.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What upgrades have you done to your Jeep and which companies would you recommend to others?”

Michelle: “Traihead Customs has done my front bumper and will be doing my back bumper, spare tire rack and rock rails. I have a 3 inch Zone lift installed by Elgin Tire Craft, JKS sway bar disconnects, 33″ Mudclaw tires from Offroad Addiction, two 4″ pod lights and light bar from Light bar Supply.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “ How has owning a Jeep influenced your life and what inspired you to start Cross Country Jeepers?”

Michelle: “I have connected with so many great people all over that I never would have without my Jeep and have developed a huge family. Cross Country Jeepers started due to a couple bad experiences I have endured and wanted to change that. I did not want those experiences to destroy me but yet improve me. I wanted to start something local with a whole different outlook and experience within a Jeep organization.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Can you tell us a bit about Cross Country Jeepers, the meets, events and charities you are involved with?”

Michelle: “Many people are surprised to see a woman running a Jeep group, but respect and truly appreciate what I do. Members love supporting each other and helping everyone (women included), our motto is “ACCEPT ALL, NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND.” We usually try to meet once a month and discuss how we can help our community and surrounding area as well as our next adventure to have fun. We host our own Topless Day, Show ‘n’ Shines, and various fundraisers as well as participate in others. We have done food, clothing and toy drives. We made a young man’s day with a Jeep party, supported Tim Horton’s Youth Camp, John Sweeney Homeless Veterans and this year Courageous Companions. We are all about helping others, the good we do and having fun.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What is your favorite part about running the Cross Country Jeepers?”

Michelle: “My Jeep family, the people I meet and wonderful experiences I endure. I love the feeling of the good our organization does, the fun we have, and the respect I get.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What is your favorite Jeep adventure moment?”

Michelle: “Anytime I get in my Jeep. When it is all open and I hit the roads with the breeze flowing through, sun beating down, the music going and the feel of freedom flowing through my veins is always an adventure. But there are two moments that do stand out for me: My very first hill climb and my first rock climbing experience in Minden. They have changed something inside of me and helped to open up willingness for new adventures and experiences with my Jeep, and my life; hard to explain let alone understand I am sure.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are some of your biggest accomplishments?”

Michelle: “Cross Country Jeepers and my Jeep experience has opened a whole new me. It has helped me to overcome negative experiences that were eating at me and making something positive out of it. I can throw my passion into something positive and still have so much fun while doing it as well as get respect within the Jeep community by both sexes. This year we are hosting our 3rd Annual Topless Day and raising money for various organizations. I have created a Facebook page of a dream, watching our Jeep family grow and my dream come alive.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What would you say to others wanting to get involved in the Jeep life?”

Michelle: “DO NOT HESITATE! The family is amazing, adventures are endless, and gives you an amazing feeling of freedom.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are your future goals for yourself and Cross Country Jeepers?”

Michelle: “I hope to broaden our horizons and open up a central location for parts being mailed to our area, representing the larger companies. I would love to have a Cross Country Jeepers clothing line and a place for people to come and ask for assistance with fundraising and feel comfortable doing so.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Thank you Michelle for sharing your Jeep journey with us. Love your passion and enthusiasm for Jeep and the Jeeping community. We wish you a great 2018 wheeling season.”

Photo from Michelle Lynn Babcock, Questions asked by FOJ-Natasha Kokkinis & Answers from Michelle Lynn Babcock

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