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“For those of you who don’t know me personally, I thought I’d just take a quick second and explain what I do. I’m actually a photographer and I’ve been working on getting a personal outdoor adventure/Jeep/photography/excursion blog going of my random Offroad gypsy lifestyle and adventures. I’m hoping by the first of the year to embark on a 1-2 year Solo Jeep camp trip across the US to all the National Parks, and hit as many awesome trails and mixing in as many of the major Jeep/Off-road events I can along the way. I’ll post my website link in the near future (I will be posting images and sharing my adventures daily, as reception allows from the trail) also once I leave full time on my Journey I will be doing daily YouTube video recaps of the days adventures from epic places I end up to epic mishaps (aka me changing a 35” tire or ujoint out in a storm on some mountain and landing face down in mud. I’m sure it will happen haha) you can find it by looking up JeepnGypsy Adventures on YouTube. I also post my daily adventures on both my FaceBook blog and Instagram pages, on all media formats (whichever works best for you) I’ll also cover recaps on any/all of the off-road events I attend. So for the remainder of the year I will be a busy girl figuring out all the logistics and building my Jeep for Extreme Overland excursion (I am trying to train and learn everything I can from common trail fixes, recovery, survival skills, along with handling all terrain and all weather from the Mountains, Desert, Snow, Rocks and Mud,.hence my 4-5 days a week on trail). So I’ll be a girl living out of her Jeep and the open road (well if you can call some of the places I’m going roads)..haha. My hope is by sharing my journey I can inspire even a few others to get out there, embrace the moment, chase their dreams, and live whatever it is they love!” ~Paula Lea, JeepnGypsy

Photo & Story from Paula Lea

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