Toxic Jeepher

The Faces of Jeep interview with Sam Morse, Ambassador for Crawlher


FOJ-[Natasha]: “Why did you choose Jeep?”

Sam: “I grew up in the country where 4×4 is a necessity. My dad always had lifted or levelled vehicles and I looked up to him so of course I needed the same. I chose a Grand Cherokee over a Wrangler because I liked to be different. Oh and of course Jeep is life.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Where all have you traveled and where is your favorite place to wheel?”

Sam: “I travel all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. I’ve also gone to Connecticut, my favorite place to wheel is Broome Tioga in NY.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What are your favorite events you have attended?”

Sam: “Bloomsburg truck show in Pennsylvania and the Great American Jeep Rally.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What upgrades have you done to your Jeep, and which companies would you recommend to others?”

Sam: “My Jeep has a 6.5” critical path long arm lift kit from Iron Rock Off Road. I run Mickey Thompson 15×10 classic’s black wrapped -45 offset wheels with Mastercraft MXT 33×12.5s. I also custom painted my Jeep in a flat purple with all black trimming. ABS hummer style grille. My interior is all toxic camo with tailor made toxic camo seat covers. (where my Instagram name comes from) My headlights are 100% DIY and Spyder LED taillights, and finally I am finishing up DIY half doors. Stay tuned so much more to come! I highly recommend Iron Rock Off Road to anyone looking to lift their Jeep or need some upgrades!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “Tell us a bit about your Jeep family and how you became an ambassador for Crawlher?”

Sam: “My Jeep family is some of the greatest people I’ve met, I’m truly blessed to have each and every one of them! I won a free tank top from Crawlher once and I wore it with pride, always showing it off on Instagram. I must have caught their eye, because they asked me in September of 2017 to become one of their ambassadors.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What’s your favorite part about being an ambassador for Crawlher, as well as a woman in the off-road community?”

Sam: “Oh gosh there is so many reasons why I love being apart of Crawlher, but the best part is we’ve all become one big family it’s great. Brittanie Calkins and Tiffany Treese are fantastic, always giving us a helping hand in and out of the Instagram community! The best part of being a woman in the off-road community is the people I have met and the role model I try my best to be.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What would you say to other women wanting to get involved in the Jeep life?”

Sam: “I say go for it, the sky is the limit with a Jeep build it’s addicting. It becomes a passion, you meet so many awesome people on the adventure what’s not to love!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “How has Jeep influenced your life?”

Sam: “Jeep has influenced my life in so many ways. I definitely never thought I’d be where I am today in the Jeep world, it’s become so much more than just a Jeep.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: “What is your favorite Jeep adventure moment?”

Sam: “I don’t even have to think of this one, it’s a no brainer. I did the expert course at a wheeling event with my boyfriend and best friend cheering me on and made it through the entire thing no problem, it was an awesome experience!”

FOJ-[Natasha]: ” What are your future goals for yourself as a woman in wheeling?

Sam: “My ultimate goal would be to go to SEMA with my Jeep, but realistic goals are to get to travel to more events around the United States.”

FOJ-[Natasha]: ” Thank you Sam for sharing your Jeep journey with us. We wish you a great 2018 wheeling season.

Photo from Sam Morse, Questions asked by FOJ-Natasha Kokkinis & Answers from Sam Morse.

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