One Passion,One love..Jeep

Allison and I met on a singles Jeep page on Facebook. It was based out of Florida. I was looking one day and saw Allison make a post saying she was from Louisiana. I messaged her and we just started talking. She lived 4-5 hours away (depending on how you drive lol). I was in Shreveport and she was just south of Baton Rouge Louisiana. After a little while of back and forth texts we decided to meet half way in Alexandria at a Buffalo Wild Wings. From that point I knew she was going to be mine. (Even if I was playing a little hard to get)

Our first weekend together was at the Louisiana Club Challenge at the Catahoula ORV Park. After that it was a lot of driving to see each other, mainly her btw. I met her daughters and immediately took them in as my own. We got married only about 7-8 months after meeting. We have our ups and downs and Lord knows we’ve been tested by life a few times but we always find a way and realize our love for each other is the glue that holds us together, not to mention a late evening Jeep ride to nowhere. (We may be long overdue for that one) There’s one thing that we can always relate to is our love for Jeeps. She’s working on hers as I type this. I look forward to many more years together with my jeep queen. The picture of all the jeeps was our wedding. White JK is mine. Black JKU is hers. (In the middle). Even had a Jeeper friend get ordained to marry us.

Photo & Story from Larry Lafitte 

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