The Au-some Crawler

“Have a loved one on ANY special needs spectrum? Would you love to display their name on The Au-Some Crawlers? Please comment your loved one’s name or nickname in comment area to get their names cut into a puzzle piece and placed on The Au-Some Crawlers. Please no last names for privacy security. We also have an Angels section for those that are now loving us from above. Angels can include anything from Autism to Cancer and everything in between. If you request an Angel, please add their dates in comments.  PLEASE SHARE/TAG this post and help us spread awareness into acceptance!”

“Here is a little about us:”

“Hi, Au-Some Crawler family! Hope this finds you and yours doing Au-Some! There are a lot of new people that have joined us here. Thank you for being a part of this Au-Some Crawler family! Here is a little info of who we are. Please feel free to share! Don’t miss our events coming up!” Xoxo

“I started the build on my Jeep in 2014 with big dreams and intentions. With no where to start but with a couple of Autism Awareness decals and a few Au-some names to put inside a puzzle piece decal and then on The Au-Some Crawler they went. I began my quest and my journey. Little by little I started going to Jeep events and making friends. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that here and there I was amongst parents of Autistic and Special needs children like myself. I would ask them if I could put their child’s name on my Autism Jeep. They all would say yes with tears in their eyes. I always posted pics to my Facebook. Before I knew it I was reaching out to parents around the world. I was visiting schools, attending Autism events, helping raise Awareness anywhere I could, talking to newly diagnosed parents about their children and helping them find resources. Names started pouring in from around the world. Thus beginning what we know now as The Au-some Crawler.”

“Jamie Dingle, President & Founder of The Au-Some Crawler. (Proud mom of Aiden aka Hummingbird. 12 year old son with Autism.)”

“We started a Facebook page and we are still getting names to this day. We have now become a Non Profit Organization. After experiencing the joy that this brings to these kiddos and their parents and the Autism Awareness we have achieved thus far, we here at The Au-Some Crawler will continue until all the pieces fit! We now have over 1200 names of special needs children and adults from all over the world.”

“We are now in a position to have events for families with special needs. We are very thankful for all the donations we receive from individuals wanting to help so that we can keep our events as low cost as possible. We understand how much goes into having children and adults with special needs financially.”

“We have now started the build of the Au-Some Crawler 2.0 to continue adding names and raising Awareness. We also have an Angel section for those that are now Angels in Heaven.”

“A new list will be starting soon and every new name gets a photo on the Au-Some Crawler page.”

“DONATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED BUT ARE APPRECIATED.  Message the Au-Some Crawler to find out how you can help.”

“We have decals, some shirts still available, hand painted shoes,  etc.  Just give us a shout!”

“Every puzzle piece has a name, Every name has a story, and every story is unique!”- The Au-Some Crawler”

“ – the copy and paste link to share.”

“From The Au-Some Crawler family, We send our love and a huge thank you! May all the roads rise up to meet everyone that has helped, is helping, and for those we raise awareness for. We didn’t pick this journey but we sure do love our tour guides. LOVE-UNDERSTAND-ACCEPT-AUTISM.”

“Keep being yourself, everybody else is taken.”

Thank you again!

Jamie Dingle, David Dingle, Aiden aka Hummingbird

The Au-some Crawler

Photo & Story from Jamie Dingle

Permission from sender to use this content

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