World Wide Jeeps

“Being raised in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, I naturally spent a lot of time in the woods. So it was a just natural progression that when I stared driving, I bought myself a small 4 wheel drive pickup, and my addiction to off-roading began. I bought my first Jeep when I was 21. It was a 1956 Jeep Willy’s Flatbed. This was in 1990, but it wasn’t until around 2012 when I bought my 1994 Cherokee that I really started enjoying the Jeep Life. By then my twins were around 16. We’d spend almost every weekend off-roading the many mountain trails close to our home.Getting together with my Jeep friends started to become a favorite past time as well. 2014 was the year I bought my first Wrangler and fell in love. It was a purple 1995 YJ we called Grape Ape. I put some 35 inch tires on her, and the rest is history. That thing could off-road like nothing I’d driven before. It was also around that time, that I began to join Jeep enthusiasts groups on Facebook. Communicating and getting together with other Jeepers online just came natural to me. Within a few short months I was offered the administrator position for the PA chapter of one of the largest Jeep groups on Facebook.”

“I felt so honoured and excited about it, that I hit the ground running. I put my heart and soul into it because it was something I loved to do. Within 3 weeks my group had grown to over 1000 members. 3 times the membership of any other state chapter. It was then that I began to take a good look at the way Facebook groups are run and realized I could do better. I realized that groups with tens of thousands of members had a certain power behind them. For instance, with the buying of Jeep parts, which we all do, We should be able to get our members better deals on parts just by our sheer numbers. When I found these ideas fell on deaf ears, I decided it was time to part ways and start my own group. One where our sole purpose was to make the Jeep Experience better for our members. So I began to put together the pieces of World Wide Jeeps. We also hit the ground running. Within a few weeks we had about 5,000 members and people were starting to notice. I quickly implemented a Vendor Discount Program to save our members money on parts. That has been a huge success. I’ve met a lot of awesome people, done some crazy off-roading up and down the east coast, gone to a bunch of really cool events on the beach, in the mud and in the mountains.”

“I’ve met TV stars, race drivers and Jeep builders in my travels and it’s only just beginning. I like to tell members..”Get out there” which to me means not only get up off the couch and live a much more fulfilling, adventures life enjoying the outdoors, but also,  put yourself out there. Interact with people, experience new things, and chase your dreams. They may not be as impossible to achieve as you think.” Photo and Story from Timothy Seabridge of World Wide Jeeps

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