Yellow Fever

“I work in a chemical plant so everything I do has a procedure. Also, safety is drilled into us at work. I got to a point where I couldn’t do anything because I would always look at “worst case scenario” as we do at work. The Jeep was bought on purpose in the condition it was in so that I could work on it, by myself, and be able to say I can do something without a procedure. And without fear.”

“This is how I bought “Yellow Fever”. Hood bent, tailgate bent, both fenders bent, and an unforeseen cracked head that lead to a new motor.”

“This was my finished product. Flat fenders, sye, motor replaced, trans and xfer case rebuilt, racing radiator, both bumpers replaced, stereo w/subwoofers installed among other upgrades and modifications. Funniest part was the ball joints. Done by myself in the driveway with my own hands. And bought the tools to do it. So it has really built my confidence in myself. I use it for recovery of other vehicles. Mud, flood, sand, wherever they get stuck!” Photo & Story from Jeff Montrose

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